CV. Purnama Jaya

PJU Light Poles

Street light poles or street lighting poles are one type of lampposts specifically used and installed on highways or public roads, commercial areas such as industrial complexes, buildings and various other public roads such as in residential areas such as residential roads and real estate complexes. Street light poles are needed to place a high light so that the light will illuminate a lot of locations around it. These lampposts generally have many lampposts and various types of measurements, not only that there are several models of round lampposts, boxes and hexagonal lampposts. All of these models are made from selected materials that are not easy to corrode and are durable against hot and rainy weather. There are several types of street lamp poles based on brand, model and specifications, to get various types of these products that match what you want, you can directly contact us CV Purnama Jaya at cheap factory prices, distributors of the highest quality

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